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Our Faculty & Staff

Springmont’s faculty members are highly skilled with an average of more than 15 years' experience in the classroom; half hold advanced degrees. For our Teachers, Montessori education is more than a job - it is a way of life. Twenty-four full-time Teachers and fifteen full-time Teacher Assistants guide students 18 months through 8th grade.  Springmont's faculty strives for professional excellence by adhering to AMI standards and best practices of progressive education.
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  Name Title
Taylor Adams Adams, Taylor Toddler Assistant
Izaskun Ayestaran Ayestaran, Izaskun Primary Assistant
Rinku Bhargava Bhargava, Rinku Primary Teacher
Nathalie Blanchard Blanchard, Nathalie Upper Elementary Teacher
Anabel Brcek Brcek, Anabel Spanish Teacher
Eva Brooks Brooks, Eva Substitute Coordinator
Tim Campbell Campbell, Tim Business Operations Manager
Anneliese Camrud Camrud, Anneliese Toddler Assistant
Thomson Chuites Chuites, Thomson Middle School Teacher
Ellen Clifton Clifton, Ellen Upper Elementary Teacher
Blanca Cuin Cuin, Blanca Primary Assistant
Alison Dougherty Dougherty, Alison Primary Assistant
Kourtney DuBois DuBois, Kourtney Human Resources Manager
Lexi Duckworth Duckworth, Lexi Primary Level Assistant
Isaac Ezemba Ezemba, Isaac Auxiliary Programs Coordinator
Zaiba Farooqui Farooqui, Zaiba Toddler Teacher
Allwyn Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, Allwyn Elementary Division Head
Victoria FitzSimons FitzSimons, Victoria Upper Elementary Assistant/Registrar
Marsha Fleming Fleming, Marsha Middle School Teacher & Coordinator
Jeanie Fox Fox, Jeanie Primary Teacher
Cara Friedline Friedline, Cara Toddler/Primary Division Head
Kelcy Gatson Gatson, Kelcy Director of Facilities & Technology
Carissa Gibson Gibson, Carissa Music Teacher
Rebecca Giddens Giddens, Rebecca Primary Teacher
Antonia Greene Greene, Antonia Primary Assistant
Megan Hakerem Hakerem, Megan Consultant
Selena Hamer Hamer, Selena Lower Elementary Assistant
Catherine Hessing Hessing, Catherine Professional Assistant
Tianna James James, Tianna Primary Level Assistant
Toshia Johnson Johnson, Toshia Toddler Teacher
Patricia Jordan Jordan, Patricia Lower Elementary Teacher
Maureen Kiely Kiely, Maureen Professional Assistant
Kimberly Kite-Powell Kite-Powell, Kimberly Learning Support Specialist/Assistant Coach
Elizabeth LeCounte LeCounte, Elizabeth Toddler Assistant
Rashid Lee Lee, Rashid Staff Accountant
Elizabeth Lener Lener, Elizabeth Head of School
Carolina Lopez Lopez, Carolina Spanish Teacher
Sam Newman Newman, Sam Middle School Teacher
Tiffany Orem Orem, Tiffany Physical Education Teacher
Livia Osorio Osorio, Livia Lower Elementary Teacher
Karen Poyser Poyser, Karen Director of Development & Alumni Relations
Andrea Restifo Restifo, Andrea Director of Admission
Kimberly Robinson Robinson, Kimberly Toddler/Primary Counseling Support
Remzije Shala Shala, Remzije Toddler Teacher
Dajar Showers Showers, Dajar Primary Co-Teacher
Camila Silva-Smoak Silva-Smoak, Camila Primary Assistant
Heather South South, Heather Plus Teacher & Coordinator
Gretchen Stamps Stamps, Gretchen Middle School Teacher
Julie Strickland Strickland, Julie Director of Marketing & Communications
Claire Tadeo Tadeo, Claire Art Teacher
Ayanna Talton Talton, Ayanna Arts Specialist/Auxiliary Programs
Brenda Toone Toone, Brenda Lower Elementary Teacher
Rosanne Tricoles Tricoles, Rosanne Learning Support Specialist
Loida Underwood Underwood, Loida Toddler Assistant
Marcela Uribe-Burgos Uribe-Burgos, Marcela Toddler Assistant
Ann Van Buskirk Van Buskirk, Ann School Counselor
Lillie Victory Victory, Lillie Primary Assistant
Abby Vines Vines, Abby Plus Teacher
Leslie Wachter Wachter, Leslie Media Center Specialist
Destiny Walker Walker, Destiny Primary Co-Teacher
Marianna Wildes Wildes, Marianna Lower Elementary Associate Teacher
Michelle Wolfersberger Wolfersberger, Michelle Outdoor Science Education Teacher
Haideny Xonthe Xonthe, Haideny Upper Elementary Assistant