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Physical Education & SPORTS

It has been shown time and again that Physical Education has an impact on cognitive ability, attitude and academic behavior. At Springmont, we believe in daily recess, weather permitting, that includes facilitated Physical Education sessions.  Activities take place in the Pavilion and on the Activity Court, Lawn and Field.

Springmont's Physical Education program offers many avenues for the mental and physical energies of our students. Children are invited to test their own skills and to challenge themselves in both team games and via individual fitness regimes. Physical Education emphasizes gross motor coordination, teamwork and sportsmanship and invites creative thinking and social awareness. Instruction includes body awareness, fitness, stretching, cooperative games, taking turns, listening skills and an introduction to many sports and fun! As children grow older, games become more structured. You’ll find students enjoying organized games such as kickball and basketball as well as soccer.

The Physical Education program maintains the same emphasis on independence, freedom and discipline, and respectful interaction as our classroom instruction. Children enjoy the consistency in the approach to class management and their individual development.

Springmont Lower Elementary students enjoy recess four days per week and Physical Education once per week while Upper Elementary classes have recess three times per week and Physical Education twice weekly.

Sports, games and physical movement are also integral to the changing body of the early adolescent, so our Middle School students participate in some aspect of outdoor activity daily. Twice-weekly Physical Education classes focus on team sports, individual sports and aerobic activities with an emphasis on basic skills and cooperation over competition.