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Springmont Fund 101


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The Springmont Fund began in 1992 and has become an annual tradition benefiting the school's programs, facilities, faculty and students. It is the primary means by which our community raises the funds used to enhance our distinctive learning environment. At Springmont we avoid mini-fundraisers, such as booster efforts or wrapping paper sales, and instead ask all community members to make a donation to this annual effort so that we may continue to enrich the students' experience.


Giving Levels
Leadership Circle*
  Legacy Circle - $10,000+ 
  Founders' Circle - $8,000+
  Trustees' Circle - $6,000+
  Cornerstone Circle - $3,000+
  1963 Circle - $1,963+
Benefactors - $1,000+
Scholars - $500+
Patrons - $250+
Friends up to $249

*Donors in the Leadership Circle will be treated to a special gathering with the Head of School in the Spring.
Development Committee

The Development Committee plays an important role in the planning, messaging, and execution of the Springmont Fund and the Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship program.  

2023-24 Development Committee members:

Andrew Gentles (Chair)
Elizabeth Lener (Head of School)
Joe Colonna (Board Chair)
Lily Ghavi
Hank Meisinger

If you are interested in joining the committee, please email the Development Office.


The Springmont Fund is the annual fundraising campaign conducted by the Development Office to benefit our children and their Teachers, programs and facilities here at Springmont. The Springmont Fund mainly solicits parents, Trustees, Faculty & Staff, grandparents, alumni and alumni families. Contributions to the Springmont Fund are invested in campus enhancements deemed strategic priorities by the Board of Trustees and Facilities Committee.
Tuition alone cannot maintain Springmont at the standard that we want for our students. The Springmont Fund campaign is the primary vehicle for providing the upgrades and extras which make Springmont’s programs, faculty and facilities among the best in Atlanta and the nation. Contributions to the Springmont Fund provide this much-needed funding every year. 
We do not conduct “fundraisers of the week” at Springmont such as sales of wrapping paper, candy, popcorn, etc., which take a lot of parent time and involvement and aren’t nearly as profitable as an annual campaign. We rely on the Springmont Fund as a yearly commitment from families to the school. Funds raised through this effort are invested, not in operational expenses, but in continuous campus enhancements that honor the mission and values of Springmont.
100% parent participation sends a very strong message. It means that parents care and support the good work of everyone at Springmont. It shows their belief in our school. That belief is what foundations and corporations look for when they are evaluating grant proposals. Springmont will be submitting a number of proposals for funding and we need the strength of parent, Board and faculty participation in the Springmont Fund behind it. Not to mention, the benefit to today's students!
Springmont is a 501(c)(3) corporation and your gift to the Springmont Fund is tax-deductible as allowed by law. You will receive a thank you letter with your gift information. Each gift, unless designated anonymous, will be listed in Springmont’s Annual Report, published each year to recognize our generous donors, their levels of giving and the programs that are made possible through their gifts of support. Donors at the Leadership Level will be honored at a gathering with the Head of School in the spring.
The Springmont Fund is our main fundraising campaign to help provide the necessary funding to support our programs and facilities. Strong support of the Springmont Fund by parents demonstrates to corporations and foundations their commitment thereby increasing our chances of receiving funding to support our school. Springmont's Parent Association (SPA) plans events to promote community spirit and provide social opportunities for parents.  SPA supports and assists with the planning and implementation of the annual Auction which raises substantial funds for the school.
Pledge – If you want to support Springmont but are not ready to make payment today, simply make a pledge.  Pledges count towards our monetary goal and participation numbers and must be fulfilled within the current fiscal year (August 1 - July 31) in order to be counted toward that year’s fundraising total.
Gift – The school accepts checks, credit cards and cash donations to the Springmont Fund. Gifts of cash or check, made payable to Springmont, can be mailed or delivered directly to the Front Office.  Gifts made by credit card can be completed via pledge envelope or online by clicking Donate Now. All gifts must be made within the current fiscal year (August 1 - July 31) in order to be counted toward that year’s fundraising total.

Recurring Gift – Recurring gifts can be made on the schedule of your choosing.  Most recurring gifts are made via monthly donation and are automatically deducted from a stored credit card.  It is a great way to increase your giving!  Recurring gifts started during Springmont Fund month (October), have 10 months of payment before the end of the Fiscal Year – leadership donations start at just $196.30 per month.

Gifts of Stock or Appreciated Securities - Gifts of this nature make an incredible impact on the school and also offer the donor tax benefits. Contributions of appreciated stock held for more than a year are generally tax-deductible at market value and capital gains tax on the appreciation can be avoided.  If you'd like to make a gift to Springmont, please consult your tax adviser and then email the Development OfficeInstructions for gifts of stock can be found here.

Please email the Development Office if you have any questions. If you would like to make a pledge or gift now, please click here.
Prior Springmont Fund gifts financed some of our campus’ most beloved features like the turf field, solar awnings in the cul-de-sac, Activity Court, Pavilion and many other outdoor learning and play spaces that are central components to the student and community experience.  We benefit every day from the legacy of Springmont families who invested in this dynamic space.
In 2006 Springmont launched a capital campaign Bringing Nature, Nurture and Knowledge to Life, to raise funds for Phase I of the Campus Master Plan. The Capital Campaign was completed in 2008 and the funds raided enabled Springmont to construct the Elementary and Middle School buildings as well as parking and other campus improvements.