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Tuition and Financial Assistance

Springmont is a unique, high-quality learning environment with a commitment to making this school experience accessible to all families.  To accomplish this, tuition includes most school associated costs.  Springmont is a non-profit organization dependent upon tuition as its principal source of income, yet commits approximately 10-12% of annual income to tuition assistance.   Our graduates are accepted into Atlanta’s finest high schools as a result of the investment in their Springmont education.  If our mission, values and unique approach to education appeals to you, apply and discover what a Springmont education can mean in the life of your child. 
Annual tuition covers the basic cost of educating your child at Springmont. Included are the cost of instruction, school and art supplies, class Field Trips, overnight Landschool trips, Media Center resources, Springmont Parent Association (SPA) dues, Strings instruction for Elementary students, a Yearbook and an annual class photo for each student, classroom snacks, family participation in the cookout at the Springmont Festival & Montessori Mile, standardized tests, and student accident insurance. 

Additional costs may be incurred for the following: after-school Enrichment classes and clubs, "Going-Out" trips, individual school pictures, musical instrument repair, musical costumes, Strings performance attire, Plus Program (Educational Support Services) fees, 6th-year Excursion, and the Middle School annual class trip and/or international trip.
Tuition is prorated semi-monthly for any student assigned a start date after September 15th.
Tuition payment plans are administrated by FACTS. Springmont offers a variety of payment options. See Payment Options below.
Tuition assistance applications may be found under Tuition Assistance below.
  • A $75.00 non-refundable Application Fee is required with all applications.
  • In addition to tuition, Springmont charges a non-refundable New Student Registration Fee of $500.00. 
  • A $1,000.00 tuition deposit is due along with the signed enrollment agreement for new students and annually for each returning student. Tuition deposits are non-refundable and are applied to total tuition due.
  • Enrollment agreements and deposits for new students are due in mid-April.
Springmont is committed to making an exceptional education accessible to a diverse community of students. We have more than doubled the number of tuition assistance awards over the past three years, and strive to continue this trend.  
The tuition assistance process is confidential. Springmont utilizes a 3rd party evaluation service, FAST, Powered by ISM, to analyze applications and make recommendations regarding awards. Applications are made online at the FAST portal

Applications are due annually by February 1.
Awards are communicated to new students' families as part of offered enrollment agreements. Awards are communicated to returning students' families as part of the Annual Registration. The range of awards is between 5% and 50%; however, there is no guarantee of an award, and applications must be submitted annually for reconsideration.

Families receiving an award may utilize any of the payment options offered by Springmont including various payment plans administered by FACTS, Springmont's tuition management service.
Springmont offers a variety of payment options including:
ONE PAYMENT – Full tuition and all other applicable fees are due June 1. For students enrolling after June 1, tuition balance and all other applicable fees are due before the student may attend class.
INSTALLMENTS - Families may choose to pay tuition and all other applicable fees via payment plans administered by FACTS. Families who wish to utilize a payment plan may need to begin payments as early as May for final payment to be received by December, in accordance with Springmont's standard practice.  Information about FACTS credit card options and electronic bank account drafts is included with enrollment agreements and Annual Registration information. 

2023-24 Tuition Schedule