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Our Traditions

Getting to know Springmont means learning about the traditions established during our 50+ year history.  Each of the events and practices listed below helps to tell our school's story!

Parents, faculty, staff, and trustees officially kick off the school year at this annual event. After an opportunity to socialize with other parents and a short program in the Pavilion,  teachers meet with parents/guardians to discuss class routines and plans for the school year. It’s a must-do for getting connected!

Each year a volunteer is recognized for outstanding service to the Springmont community.  Recent recipients have included Board chairs, Auction Committee members, Springmont Parent Association Chairs, and Stan Stockdale, the alumni parent who single-handedly built the Pavilion wall. Pictured at right is Carol Santos, 2018 Volunteer of the Year!

The Montessori Mile fun run was established by Gigi Wallace, a beloved PE Teacher from the past. With the school's name change and our 50th Anniversary celebration in 2014, Upper Elementary students recommended the event become the Springmont Festival & Montessori Mile. Today the fun runs on Long Island Drive are followed by various activities, including a Chili Cook-Off, the Middle School-run Festival, and student fundraising.  Don’t miss it!

This annual celebration was originally established as International Night by former Headmaster and later Director of the Arts Joe Seidel as a means of honoring Springmont’s diverse community. In 2023, the event was re-imagined as the Springmont commUNITY Dinner. All families are invited to enjoy a musical program, followed by a delicious potluck dinner!

This celebration became an annual event thanks to the leadership of long-time Teacher Jackie Muse. A celebration of the Springmont core value Stewardship of the Environment and a celebration for peace, students work collectively toward a mutual stewardship goal determined each year.

This annual "party with a purpose" unites Springmont's parent community each spring.  Volunteerism is as plentiful as the generous bidders vying for the beautiful class art projects, gift baskets, special experiences and other one-of-a-kind items up for bid.

Winning the title of greatest volunteer participation each year is Field Day – no parent wants to miss the student fun on the Field, Lawn, Pavilion and Activity Court. Plan to wear your running shoes and exhaust your camera's capacity at this favorite tradition.

It is a tradition that 8th-grade graduates give personal speeches at our Commencement ceremony. This intimate celebration of the culminating Springmont experience is a favorite among faculty who proudly applaud each individual journey.  A guest once remarked, “I want my child to be known like that.”

Compassion begins in the classroom as student-led fundraising efforts are supported by families, faculty and staff.  The value of giving back is contagious, and adults get in on the action by participating in our Campus Workdays, helping to deliver Thanksgiving Outreach items, or assisting students in their classroom gardens.  As a result, Springmont students are empowered, and graduates are connected to the world around them.

Marine Corps BandNative American DancerSaudi MusiciansSpringmont is a community of learners. Whether we host Rob Evans or Steven Hughes for parents or the mobile zoo, a band ensemble, or glass harp players for students, guests are invited to share their expertise with us. 

Springmont values place-based learning and the independence and responsibility born in students arranging their own small group tours of choice. For example, students studying reptiles visited the Atlanta Zoo during feeding time to get a better understanding of reptilian eating habits. Parents drive small groups of students and benefit from seeing budding independence and responsibility in action.

Parents are invited to share areas of expertise and cultural experiences as class guests. From playing the piano for Toddlers to introducing the stock market to Middle School students, parent presentations are much appreciated!

Springmont's barnyard provides many learning opportunities and feeds our students' natural curiosities. Students help care for the animals, building responsibility and developing compassion while applying what they learn and observe to their research and art. Learning and community are enriched by the variety of animal life available both indoors and out. 

Our parents often say, ‘I wish I went to school here!’  Parent Education events enable parents to connect with their child's education more deeply as they see the Montessori materials in action and hear about other important aspects of parenting a child in today's world. 

Springmont student Antonia passed away from the flu in 2004. Antonia loved throwing pennies in fountains, so, in conjunction with Antonia’s family, the faculty, staff, and parents constructed the Courtyard fountain in her memory. 

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