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At Springmont, we’re proud of our school and like share the accomplishments of our students, alumni, faculty and staff. Here you’ll find information about Springmont including recent school news, articles about our curriculum and other interesting items.  For additional press or media information, please contact Julie Strickland or 404.252.3910.

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Owen Rohm

September 16, 2019
By Julie Strickland

After graduating from Springmont's Middle School in 2014, Owen attended The Paideia School for high school and is now a sophomore in Georgia Tech's Industrial Design program. Recently he returned to campus to talk to Primary students as part of his research for designing a teaching toy for 4-5-year-olds. Owen says, 

"If I had to attribute my entire personality and life philosophy to any three things they would be as follows: the love and affection of my parents, my time at Springmont, and my brother destroying every LEGO I owned when I was five. Keep an eye out for my biography to really learn the effect of each of these, but suffice it to say that Springmont instilled, or at the very least made very strong, within me a love of learning, an ability to think creatively, and a strong sense of self-discipline, which often goes overlooked as part of a Montessori education." 

We look forward to seeing many of our alumni on campus at the Alumni Brunch after the Montessori Mile!  Interested in attending?  Email Lauren Stevenson!

On The Farm: Actually...In The Greenhouse

September 16, 2019
By Michelle Wolfersberger

If you’re ever looking for me, chances are you’ll find me in one of our two greenhouses with some students deciding which vegetables and herbs to grow for the upcoming season!  While you have probably seen the greenhouse outside the Fine Arts Cottage, we also have one inside our basement, and it’s a great place to start seeds, both winter and summer.  During the summer, the basement’s cooler temperatures result in less-stressed seedlings that don’t require as much attention as they would in the outdoor greenhouse where they dry out faster than we can water them!   In the winter, the grow lights, fans and heat mats keep seedlings warm and cozy until it’s time to put them outside in the gardens. Right now, we are starting our seeds in the indoor greenhouse largely because air and soil temperatures are still too high to sow seeds directly in the soil.  

In addition to meteorology, there’s also some math involved in seed starting! Beginning with Atlanta’s first predicted frost date (which averages November 13), we work backward using the number of days-to-harvest for a particular vegetable to select the best planting date. Sow too early, and seedlings won’t survive the heat. Plant too late, and tender plants will be killed off by frost, excepting those like kale that do better with a touch of frost which makes its leaves a little sweeter. Of course, there’s no way to know the exact date of our first frost – our earliest was October 25th and our latest was December 6th, so we just cross our fingers!

What’s growing right now?   We have already started some herbs (basil, marjoram, parsley and oregano) that we hope to sell at our Plant Sale at the Springmont Festival & Montessori Mile on October 5th!  Students will also start radishes, cabbages, kale, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussel sprouts in the next week, transplanting them into the main vegetable garden and class gardens as well as pots for the Plant Sale. Elementary children who come to Open Studio and Middle School students will also help to clean out the vegetable garden, amend the soil with our home-grown compost and either transplant or direct-sow seeds for the new season.

Once our fall and winter veggies are underway, we start our planning in January and sowing in February for spring and summer crops.  It’s always time to grow something!

See you outside!

Muffins for Moms

September 16, 2019
By Julie Strickland

MOMS! Come start your morning with muffins, coffee & conversation. Hear from Jon Alden, Head of School, about updates at the school and get to know some fellow moms. Then, get a guided glimpse inside your child's classroom* before you start your workday! This will be an observation only, and you will be on your way to work no later than 9:30!

*Toddler moms, you will be shown a video in the Media Center rather than going into classrooms.

Elementary & Middle School: Tuesday, September 24, 8:30 a.m.
Toddler & Primary: Wednesday, September 25, 8:30 a.m.

If you have children spanning levels (on both days), feel free to come to both, or choose a day! Click here to RSVP!

Our 25th Annual Springmont Festival & Montessori Mile is Saturday, Oct. 5!

September 16, 2019
By Julie Strickland

Sponsorships are due TODAY! Increase awareness of your business with Springmont constituents, show your support of our community, and support Springmont by putting your company’s (or your family’s) name on the fun! Click here for details about sponsorship benefits and to complete your sponsorship form and submit payment.  Questions? Questions? Email Tiffany Orem.  

Race Registration has begun!  Click here to register for the Adult Mile (15 yrs. and over) and Children’s Mile (6-14 yr. olds) on Long Island Drive and/or the Dashes (6 and under) and Diaper Derby (2 and under) on the Field.  Each race registration is $18 and includes a long-sleeved commemorative t-shirt! Registrations are due Friday, September 27.  After this date, we cannot ensure your preferred t-shirt size.  Race Day Registration $25. Questions? Email Tiffany Orem.  

Do you have a great chili recipe? Enter Springmont’s 9th annual Chili Cook-off for a chance to prove your recipe is Golden Ladle-worthy.  You could win a fabulous prize basket!  Chili of all varieties—black bean, red bean, spicy, mild, chicken, beef, vegetarian and others—are welcome.  Email Andrea Restifo to enter.  

NEW! Springmont Fund Kick-off Party.  Make plans to stay on campus for a cookout, pumpkin-decorating, games on the lawn and raffles. Click here to register for lunch!

Volunteers are needed!  If you didn't have a chance to sign-up at Opening Night to help with this fun event, it's not too late.  Helpers are needed to pack race bags and distribute flyers in the neighborhood, and also for day-of set-up and clean-up, monitoring the racecourse and helping with the dashes and Chili Cook-off!  Email Tiffany with questions and to volunteer.

Questions? Contact Tiffany Orem (

Is Your Child Experiencing Culture Shock? Part 2 of 2

September 09, 2019
By Cara Friedline

As promised in last week's news, here are the last two stages of the "W Curve of School Adjustment." Understanding what to expect as your preschool or young elementary child transitions to a school setting helps parents be effective resources for their children. Click here to read Part 1 which discussed the first three stages: Honeymoon, Culture Shock and Initial Adjustment.  Can you identify your child's current stage?

The Holiday Blues can happen after any break from the school routine. If your child is home due to illness or a family vacation, the return to school can be bumpy.  The blues can also occur after school breaks such as Labor Day weekend or Thanksgiving Break. The longer the break or the more exciting the reason, the more likely your child will experience the Holiday Blues.  You can compare this to how you may feel about Monday morning after a relaxing weekend. Parents may worry that their child has regressed or question whether he/she likes school anymore.  Because changes in routine, diet and sleep patterns play a major role in your child’s temperament and contribute to the holiday blues, please plan vacations during scheduled school breaks.  

  • Your child feels withdrawn, tired or sluggish, and clingy.
  • You feel bewildered and ask yourself Could there be something wrong or did something happen at school? Is Montessori right for my child?
  • Your child says: I want to stay home with you. I am too tired to go to school. Don’t you want to spend time with me? When is the weekend, Daddy? 
  • You can help by reminding your child that vacations are special times that we all enjoy, but we still need to go to school to learn and grow and by keeping the routine as normal as possible when on vacation and when you return to school. Comfort and reassure your child but don’t give in to your child’s just-this-once requests; your child will learn that your word does not count and that you can be manipulated. Keep in contact with your child’s Teacher so you know the difference between the Holiday Blues and something more to your child’s reluctance to return to school.

Acceptance & Integration The last and most desirable stage is characterized by joy and happy anticipation of school on a daily basis.  When your child reaches this stage, parents often feel validated and elated knowing they have found the right fit for their child. The child often shares their daily experiences with his/her parents and likes to explain new concepts he/she is learning.          

  • Your child feels self-confident, joyful, cheerful and contented.    
  • You feel self-assured, relieved and at home in the community.
  • Your child says: I’m going to learn a new math work today. I can’t wait to see my friends. My teacher is the best.
  • You can help by supporting your child as he/she builds on classroom learning; you may want to visit a nature center or museum during your weekends. Find ways to connect with your child’s friends outside of school. Make sure your child has responsibilities at home – this sends the message that he/she is capable both in and outside of school. Involve your child in the everyday activities of the home, like cooking, cleaning and gardening. Pat yourself on the back for weathering the stages of your child’s adjustment to school!

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