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Independence, Confidence and Learning

September 08, 2020
By Cara Friedline

Last week we joined the worldwide celebration of Maria Montessori’s 150th birthday, recognizing the long-lasting impact of her work. Did you know that Montessori was the first to put child-sized furniture in classrooms? Can you imagine an early childhood classroom today with adult-sized furniture? Sergio Mattarella, President of Italy, issued a statement reminding us that not only did Montessori change our understanding of children, but she did so while experiencing “the hardest years of the twentieth century.” She lived through war, prejudices, exile, and a global pandemic, and yet she continued to advocate for children, recognizing their need for guidance and care despite politics or health conditions.   

Last week, our Pulse Survey asked parents to choose three words that most exemplify a Montessori education. Maria would certainly have been proud of your answers – the top three were Independence, Confidence and Learning.  Montessori gives children the confidence to learn independently.  Respecting and trusting children allows their natural curiosity to spark social/emotional and academic growth.  The three-year cycle, highly social environment, and beautiful, hands-on materials create opportunities for developmentally appropriate life lessons.  While freedom and choice for such young learners may make some adults uneasy, Montessori students become kind, creative, responsible, self-driven adults.   

Dr. Montessori’s holistic, well-rounded program also promoted peace and inclusivity, and Springmont emphasizes and lives these values daily. 2020 may look different from the early 1900s, but our goal remains the same as Dr. Montessori’s - to give children the confidence to learn independently.

Thank you to all who took last week's Pulse Survey.  Look for our next edition next Monday!

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