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At Springmont, we’re proud of our school and like share the accomplishments of our students, alumni, faculty and staff. Here you’ll find information about Springmont including recent school news, articles about our curriculum and other interesting items.  For additional press or media information, please contact Julie Strickland or 404.252.3910.

Tomorrow is #Giving Tuesday!

November 29, 2021
By Julie Strickland

As we return from a week dedicated to celebrating gratitude and family, we want to again say THANK YOU to all the families who so generously support Springmont!  In addition to welcoming gifts of time, energy and talents, there are also ways to support Springmont financially.

  • Tomorrow, November 30, Springmont will join thousands of organizations around the world for Giving Tuesday – a global day of generosity. We hope our parent community will take this opportunity to make a donation to the 2021-22 Springmont Fund, supporting enhancements to Springmont’s outdoor learning environments. Your support matters and every dollar makes a difference. Our goal is 100% participation – gifts or pledges of any amount are greatly appreciated! 

Click here to make your gift or pledge to the 2021-22 Springmont Fund!

  • Parents may also convert Georgia state tax dollars into support for financial aid at Springmont through the Georgia Private School Tax Credit program! Referred to simply as “Apogee” at Springmont, the Georgia Private School Tax Credit program allows Georgia taxpayers to direct their state tax dollars to support financial aid at their preferred private school.

The process can be explained in three easy steps:

  1. TODAY - Submit your application to participate in the program.
  2. Between JANUARY AND MARCH 2022 - Upon approval from the Department of Revenue, make payment to Apogee for a specified amount.
  3. APRIL 2023 - Claim your tax credit on your 2022 Georgia state taxes.

It's quick, easy and the money you contribute will come back to you a year later as a credit on your state taxes. Click here for more information and to watch our 100-second explainer video.

  • And finally, as you do your Cyber Monday shopping, don’t forget to shop via Springmont's Amazon Smile account!  You get the same products, prices and service and Amazon donates to Springmont! 

Shop the Springmont Spirit Store for your holiday gifts & stocking stuffers!

November 29, 2021
By Julie Strickland

Springmont's Spirit Store is the perfect place to shop for a cozy fleece vest or jacket or a new t-shirt to replace one that has been outgrown!

  • Orders placed by 8 a.m. on Wednesday, December 1, will be sent home (or ready for pick-up in the Front Office) on Thursday, December 2.
  • Orders placed by 8 a.m. on Wednesday, December 8, will be sent home (or ready for pick-up in the Front Office) on Thursday, December 9.
  • Orders placed by 8 a.m. on Wednesday, December 15, will be sent home (or ready for pick-up in the Front Office) on Thursday, December 16.

Click here to shop now!

Winter Enrichment for Elementary & Middle School Students

November 29, 2021
By Julie Strickland

We are pleased to offer the following options for Elementary & Middle School students beginning in January.  See the link in Springmont Weekly News for more information & registration!

Lower Elementary Intramurals: Favorite Games Led by PE Teacher Tiffany Orem, students will have fun while practicing new skills, improving coordination, and being physically active. Games will vary weekly according to student interest, but cooperation and teamwork will be the focus of each class.

Upper Elementary & Middle School Running Club Join Andrea and Tiffany to learn everything from stretching to attire, hydration to racing tips. Each week the group will discuss strategy, set out for a run and stretch. Occasionally, the group will be driven to an off-campus location for a run, and parents will be notified at least two days prior. 

Yearbook Cover Art Contest Winners!

November 29, 2021
By Julie Strickland

With so many creative and inspired entries, it was a tough choice, but we're happy to announce the following winners of our Yearbook Cover Art Contest! The front cover of Springmont’s 2021-22 Yearbook was drawn by Satti Gray/Luiza Godoi and is pictured here. The back cover is by Juliet Martin, and our two inside signature pages are by Sriram Somasundaram and Amanda Revello/Hannah Garcia - view them on our Facebook post. Congratulations to these artists; and thank you to all who contributed!


November 15, 2021
By Ann Van Buskirk, School Counselor

Gratitude - the quality of being thankful, with the ability to show appreciation, act with generosity, and return kindness.

Expressing gratitude is an integral part of the Montessori philosophy of living a graceful, purposeful, and peaceful life. Researchers have found that the benefits of practicing gratitude extend far beyond improving interpersonal relationships and increasing feelings of well-being.  


  • Improves our physical health, including strengthening the immune system, improving sleep quality, and boosting energy levels
  • Increases our ability to cope with physical pain and handle stress adaptively
  • Enhances our mood by increasing serotonin and dopamine, the neurochemicals responsible for generating happiness 

Doctors at UCLA found that regular gratitude practices not only increase the flow of positive brain chemicals in the moment, but that practicing gratitude also alters the neural structures of the brain, leading to long-term emotional health, increased empathy, better ability to solve problems, and alterations to the way we see the world and ourselves.

Ideas for fostering gratitude at home

  • Verbalize your appreciation and thanks. For example, when grocery shopping with your children, express your gratitude for the abundance of choices and supply of healthy foods available, express thanks for those whose work brought that food to us.
  • Write in a gratitude journal daily.  For optimal benefit, be sure to list at least three things for which you are thankful, including a bit more detail about one of the items. Share your journal with your children and talk about how you feel after journaling regularly for a few weeks. When they see you writing, children may want a gratitude journal to draw or write in as well. 
  • Express thanks and compliment your children frequently. Create a family gratitude jar, where notes of thanks written about others can be placed and pulled out at dinner to be read aloud. For example, a parent might write, “I’m thankful that James/dad made breakfast for dinner last night – love his pancakes!” or “I’m grateful that we were able to hike last Sunday – it felt good to get outside.”

Evidence suggests that engaging in gratitude practices at least 5 out of 7 days for 4-6 weeks can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, create a more positive outlook, and help us heal in times of grief and stress. 

Please know that the children, teachers, animals, and families of Springmont have been making the list in my gratitude journal. I would love to hear from you about how you and your children are practicing gratitude. 

Wishing you a Thanksgiving of love and reflection as you gather with friends and family.

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