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Why Springmont?

Engaged Learning
Our school culture of engaged learning is built upon an appreciation for the child's sense of wonder, the trust to freely choose one's work and accountability, all of which fuel creativity, curiosity and innovative thought.


Outdoor Education
Outdoor learning experiences are integral to our curriculum. In addition to hands-on, outdoor opportunities available through our classroom gardens, wooded campus and place-based lessons, students have access to our 86-acre Landschool in the north Georgia mountains.
Visual & Performing Arts
The arts are woven into many areas of study through class lessons, self-study and research enhancements, and self-expression.  As an integral part of Springmont's school culture, students participate in open studio time, art history lessons, and two student musicals each school year.
Highly-Experienced Faculty
Springmont’s faculty members are highly skilled with an average of more than 15 years' classroom experience. Their dedication to fostering the strengths and affinities of each student is palpable campus-wide.



History of Excellence
As the oldest Montessori school in the Southeastern United States, Springmont has provided the highest standard of Montessori education to students since 1963. Middle School graduates are accepted into Atlanta's top high schools.


Park-Like Campus  
Class gardens, animals, an outdoor classroom and creative play spaces are just a small part of Springmont's uniqueness. Each feature provides opportunities to expand lessons and make discoveries in the natural world.



Community & Giving Back
At Springmont, parents are essential partners in the education of children. Through IMPACT, our parent volunteer program, students get to constantly see parents caring through action in our community. 
Our students are socially conscious. They understand that selfless contributions are fundamental to society’s success. They are aware of the world, and they support others.
Enrichment Program & Extended Care
Springmont's Enrichment Program gives Primary, Elementary, and Middle School students the opportunity to participate in additional learning activities without leaving campus at the end of the class day. This provides additional opportunities to try new things and discover personal affinities. 
Our Early Morning Care and Extended Day programs provide flexibility for Springmont families who need care beyond the class-day. Students may arrive as early as 7:30 a.m. and/or stay until 6:00 p.m. in an environment they already know and love.





Since 1963, Springmont has been a Montessori learning environment where diversity of thought and global perspective empower students to be inquisitive, knowledgeable, independent, compassionate and effective. Our students are collaborative and celebrate the success of their peers with as much enthusiasm as they do their own.
Set on a beautiful 7-acre campus in north Atlanta, we are proud that our education nurtures the whole person - one that balances intellect, raw talent and ambition with personality, imagination and inspiration. 
We invite you to discover the Springmont difference!