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At Springmont, we’re proud of our school and like share the accomplishments of our students, alumni, faculty and staff. Here you’ll find the latest information about Springmont including recent school news, press releases and other interesting items, as well as links to video coverage of our school. 

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Eyes Wide Open

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  • Authentic Student Assessment

    Elementary students are completing their annual Student Profiles which will come home next week!   Designed to show a child’s annual progress at Springmont, they include his/her end-of-year Progress Report, selections of the child’s work, examples of creative expression chosen by the child and a written reflection of the school year. The profile offers a well-rounded expression of a child’s many areas of growth and development as a learner, creator, communicator and social being.
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  • Curiosity. Mastery. Wisdom. Distinction.

    Jerri King
    What’s the Springmont distinction?  There is a great scene in Everybody Loves Raymond where mom goes to talk to the math teacher about how her Elementary-age daughter feels about math.  The teacher tells mom he doesn’t care about those things; he cares only that his students know math.  This scene is the antithesis of the distinctive Springmont approach, where knowledge and the human experience intersect.  Our highest aspiration for our students is to know things – a vast number of things which they use to become wise - and lead fulfilled lives.  How is that done? Curiosity.  Mastery.  Wisdom.  Distinction. 
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  • Ask a Division Head: Why does my child want to read the same book over and over?

    Cara Friedline
    Congratulations, your child is on the cusp of acquiring a skill that sets humans apart from all other animals!  Just as early man found ways to record their thoughts and ideas to preserve them over time and space, reading and writing are significant milestones in your child’s development and some of the highest forms of human interaction. This journey commenced when you began to read to your child.  
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  • ITBS Results and Middle School Outplacement

    Jerri King
    Each year at this time, I look forward to reporting our ITBS scores.  This year, in addition to our national percentile ranking, Springmont students’ ITBS scores were ranked with private schools.  These scores are meaningful programmatically as well as to individual students.  Springmont’s cumulative National Percentile Rank continues to be 98 - 99%, and our Private School Percentile Rank ranges from 74 - 85% - excellent scores which reflect a Grade Equivalency of two years ahead of the age group,  minimum.  Congratulations to our students and faculty for their work in this area of assessment.  This, in addition to Teacher observation and student reflection, creates a complete picture of student progress for each individual student.   
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  • Is My Primary Child Learning Math?

    February’s issue of Eyes Wide Open included an article about Springmont’s Lower Elementary math curriculum, inspiring some parents to ask when math work begins in our Primary classrooms.  Although children are typically ready for math materials at about age 4, there are many ways your children use their mathematical minds even earlier. 
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List of 5 news stories.

  • Don't Miss Graduation!

    Congratulations to our 2017 Middle School graduates who will attend Atlanta International School, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, The Galloway School, Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Fulton Science Academy, North Springs Charter High School and Walton High School next year.  All families are invited to the commencement on Friday, May 26, at 6:30 p.m. in the Pavilion.
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  • Best Wishes, Janice!

    It is with great gratitude that we announce Elementary Division Head Janice Roberts will semi-retire in the coming year.  Janice has been a long-time Springmont employee – beginning as a Lower Elementary Teacher and in recent years, serving as our Elementary Division Head.  Janice is considered an educational guru, even beyond Springmont, and she will support Springmont as a curriculum consultant next year. Associate Head Nikki Torres will assume leadership for the Elementary level, becoming the Associate Head for Elementary and Middle Learning.  
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  • Exciting Changes on Campus this Summer!

    As campus quiets down for summer break, leadership is planning the strategic investment of monies raised by the 2016-17 Springmont Fund to enhance campus for students of all ages.  
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  • Fabulous Field Day!

    Many thanks to co-chairs Ann Crouch and Desiree Maurice, as well as the dozens of parent and Middle School volunteers, for a fabulous Field Day! Primary and Elementary students all enjoyed a morning of fun including cooperative games, relay races, water play, art activities, inflatable slides and of course, tasty snacks. This annual event is a much beloved, end-of-the-year tradition at Springmont.
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  • Art is Marvelous!

    Thank you, Theresa and Courtney!  The instruction, encouragement and support provided by our Art Teachers allows our students to create amazing, one-of-a-kind artworks regularly acknowledged by visitors and guests. The Springmont student art resulting from a study of Gustav Klimt that is currently on display in the main building is so unique and fantastic that the Marvel movie company has inquired about using it on their movie sets. 
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