The Poplar Springs Landschool

Springmont's Landschool is an 86-acre mountain retreat located in Summerville, Georgia, just 80 miles northwest of our Atlanta campus (an 1½ hour drive). It is situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Trail and abuts section 7 of the Pinhoti Trail. Pinhoti translates to “wild turkey.” Nature abounds on this property. In the morning, deer, wild turkey, geese and beaver can be seen down by the three-acre pond. The meadows contain hawks and rabbits, and one can find crayfish, salamanders and newts in the spring-fed creek.
Beginning in Elementary, Springmont students travel to the Landschool twice per school year.  The Landschool trips provide students with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the environment, gain independence and practice collaboration skills. The students plan their trip, cook their meals and clean and organize the camp.
The Landschool trips are great memory makers for students. While they gain much in the way of knowledge and skill, they also have an opportunity to bond with their classmates. 

The facilities on the Landschool property consist of the following:

Camp Building: 
The camp building is comprised of 5,000 square feet including four main rooms. Separate bunk rooms for boys and girls (with 22 beds each) are located on opposite sides of the building. Connected to each bunk room is a bathroom with multiple shower stalls, toilets and sinks. Sinks and toilets have ADA accessibility. There is a large kitchen for food prep, and a 3,000-square-foot great room that features seating, a ping-pong table, a variety of games and a large wood-burning fireplace. The building has central gas heat and limited cooling via portable air conditioners.

Covered Play Area:
The 3,000-square-foot covered play area has a concrete floor. It serves as a common meeting place during the occasional rain storm. Court games can also be played on the hard surface.

Three-Acre Pond:
Just down the driveway and across Poplar Springs Road is our small lake, complete with a family of beavers and also fish, frogs, turtles and geese. 

Hiking Trails:
There are three marked trails on the Landschool property.

Green: A 30-minute easy hike. 

Blue: A moderate hike that continues from the Green Trail for approximately an additional 10 minutes.

Red:  A 30-minute easy hike.
When not in use by our school community, the Landschool property is available for rent. Please contact Terry Thompson at Springmont at 404-252-3910 for more information. Landschool Rental Agreement
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"We gathered binoculars and headed out to see what we could see. The children used compasses to tell us which direction to walk. Everyone had a great time being in nature, and no one missed their television!" --Malcom Campbell, Springmont Parent, 2007-Present






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