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The "Quiet Cove" is Open!

November 07, 2022
By Ann Van Buskirk, School Counselor

Last week, Elementary classes discussed the benefits of taking a break from our regular environments. Students observed that sometimes they need a break from the bright lighting or regular hubbub of noise typical of a busy classroom (a sensory break). Others said they might benefit from a quiet space to focus on breathing or meditating or a place to use calming materials (an opportunity to regulate emotionally or behaviorally). Children also noted that sometimes when feelings have been hurt, some distance from a friend could be helpful (resetting relational boundaries), and others mentioned the occasional need for a “reset” time that would allow them to come back to meaningful work with renewed focus and energy.

We are fortunate that our beautiful campus provides multiple options for breaks, including nature walks or time spent in class gardens or gazing at our barnyard animals. Last year, the Development Office and Media Center Specialist Leslie Wachter helped me work on a grant proposal to fund a calming indoor space for students. Rooted in neuroscience and designed to facilitate emotional and behavioral regulation, the “Quiet Cove” is now open! Stocked with comfy, cozy seating, meditation cushion and materials, affirming books, materials for sensory input, and creative materials such as mandala coloring sheets, the quiet cove is a place for students to have a silent break. Special thanks to Upper Elementary students Ian Stewart and Jules Beaty, who assembled our furniture for the cove. Next time you are at Springmont, feel free to check out our new space, located in the Media Center.

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