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Re-enrollment FAQs

February 11, 2019
By Julie Strickland

Re-enrollment for the 2019-20 school year begins February 25 with contracts and deposits due March 11. Instructions for this online process will be emailed to parents, and the information below was also included in Head of School Jon Alden's January 30th email letter.

What is Continuous Enrollment?  
Following independent school best practices and local and national trends, Springmont has elected to adopt continuous enrollment, further simplifying the re-enrollment process for parents. This means that beginning with your upcoming 2019-20 re-enrollment, you will only need to sign one Enrollment Contract for the term of your child(ren)’s enrollment. Your child(ren) will be automatically re-enrolled each March for the upcoming school year unless you wish to “opt-out”.

Do I need Tuition Protection?
Tuition Protection absolves parents of any unused tuition obligation in the event of a student withdrawal or dismissal for any reason. 
•    Tuition Protection will be mandatory for those choosing to pay in installments and equals 2.5% of the total annual tuition. 
•    Tuition Protection is optional for families who choose to pay tuition in full prior to the start of the school year; families that choose this option will receive a refund of any unused portion of their annual tuition in the event of a student withdrawal or dismissal. 
•    Families that choose to pay in full but not to enroll in the Tuition Protection plan will not have any portion of their tuition or fees refunded in the event of a student withdrawal or dismissal.

How much is Tuition for 2019-20?
The Board of Trustees is always sensitive to the financial commitment you make when you entrust your children to us and is pleased to have approved the smallest tuition increase in the last eight years. Over the last eight years, tuition has increased an average of 4.2% annually, so the 1.3% base tuition increase approved for 2019-2020 is significantly lower.  Click here to view the 2019-20 Tuition Schedule.  

The 1.3% tuition increase combined with the Tuition Protection plan affects a total net increase of 3.3% or 3.8%, depending on the payment option you choose.  This is still a more modest net increase than our previous eight-year average and has the added benefits of affording families additional peace of mind and financial protection. 

Does Springmont still offer a Pre-payment Discount? 
In order to keep the 2019-20 tuition increase to just 1.3%, the 2% discount for paying tuition in full by June 1 has been eliminated.

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