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At Springmont, we’re proud of our school and like share the accomplishments of our students, alumni, faculty and staff. Here you’ll find information about Springmont including recent school news, articles about our curriculum and other interesting items.  For additional press or media information, please contact Julie Strickland or 404.252.3910.


News from the Hives!

February 10, 2020
By Julie Strickland

Thanks to a grant from the Bee Cause Project and Whole Kids Foundation, last spring Springmont became home to two hives of honeybees! Since then, Elementary students have had a series of lessons about all aspects of life in the hive. They covered bee biology and anatomy, including what makes a bee an arthropod, botany and the parts of the flower, the process of pollination, and the life cycle of the bee.  In August, students also participated in the Great Georgia Pollinator Count.  Middle School students received the same lessons but delved deeper into the effects of agriculture on ecosystems, the importance of pollinators in our lives, and bee genetics. There was even a discussion about the Honeycomb Conjecture, a mathematical hypothesis regarding the efficiency of the honeycomb shape!

We are excited to announce that our bees have produced a small amount of honey and that we’ll be auctioning off a jar of Springmont Golden Bead Honey at the Auction!  And, Upper Elementary students will be invited to participate in Springmont’s first Bee Club as part of our Spring Enrichment offerings! Bee Club will be open to 8 students who are interested in learning more about beekeeping techniques and the impact bees have on the environment. Students will focus on ways to help pollinators, research ways to counter the global decrease of bees, conduct hive inspections, and learn more about bee biology and health as well the construction and maintenance of hive equipment.

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