Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.
             --Dr. Maria Montessori, Educator, physician and anthropologist

Admission and Re-enrollment

The following information will help you throughout the admission, enrollment and re-enrollment process annually. Please contact us if we can be of assistance. We look forward to a wonderful partnership with your family for many years to come.

Enrollment Process

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  • Application

    • For each applicant, the following items must be received by the Admission Office before a student and parent interviews are scheduled:
      • Completed application and $75 non-refundable application fee
      • Applicants four years and older must also submit Teacher Recommendation, Head of School/Principal Recommendation and official transcript
    • The first round application deadline is February 15th.
    • Applications received after February 15th are processed following first round applications.
    • Consideration for enrollment in all levels is dependent upon full disclosure of all relevant developmental, behavioral, and academic information. Omitting information may jeopardize the student’s continued enrollment.
    • Readiness

      • Toddler Program (1½ to approx. 2½years): Admittance is contingent upon walking, readiness (which is determined by academic professionals on staff), and a minimum of 1½ years of age.
      • Primary Program (approx. 2½+to 6years): Admittance is contingent upon the child being independent in the bathroom, and upon school readiness (which is determined by academic professionals on staff).
      • Elementary Program (approx. 6 to 12 years): Admittance is contingent upon academic, social and emotional readiness (which is determined by the academic professionals on staff).
      • Middle School Program (12 to 14 years): Admittance is contingent upon transcript, academic, social and emotional readiness.
    • Decision Letters

      • Letters of decision for first-round applicants will be emailed on April 1, in accordance with AAAIS member requirements.
      • Letters of decision for applications received after the application deadline are mailed following first-round letters of decision.
    • AAAIS Admission Policies

      • In accordance with AAAIS member requirements, stakeholders of Springmont will not contact applicant families for eight (8) business days following the notification date.
      • For a full listing of AAAIS Admission policies, please visit
    • Fees and Deposit

      • In addition to tuition, Springmont charges a one-time New Student Registration fee of $500 per student. This fee is non-refundable and is due with the initial tuition.
      • Tuition deposits are non-refundable.
    • Tuition & Payment

      • Tuition is prorated semi-monthly for any student assigned a start date after September 15th.
      • Tuition payment plans are administrated by FACTS Tuition Management system.
      • Financial Aid applications may be found on our website under Tuition and Financial Aid on the Admission tab.
      • Tuition includes classroom supplies, Media Center resources, Art supplies, IMPACT dues, class-wide local field trips, overnight trips to the Poplar Springs Landschool, Suzuki music instruction for Upper Elementary students, and annual class photographs.
    • Placement

      • All class placements are made only after careful screening and deliberation by faculty and administration, and are final.
      • The faculty and administration determine a child's readiness to move to the next level.
      • New and move-up students are notified of class placement during the summer.
    • Start Dates

      • New Toddler and new Primary students will be assigned a specific start date to ease transition into school. Parents will receive start dates in the summer information packet. Please note that these start dates occur after the first day of school.
      • Start dates beginning after September 15th result in a semi-monthly proration schedule.
    • Re-enrollment

      • Re-enrollment contracts for the upcoming school year are issued February 15 for students invited to return to Springmont, and are due along with a non-refundable deposit on March 1. A contract and deposit must be received in order to ensure re-enrollment for the coming year. Once the re-enrollment deadline has passed, contracts will be offered for new students based on the remaining availability. Current Springmont families, regardless of level, are at risk of losing a classroom position for their child if contracts and deposits are not received by the deadline.
      • Only students whose contracts for the upcoming year have been received by March 1 will be invited to make classroom “move-up” visits to a new class/level.
      • Re-enrollment is dependent upon full disclosure of all relevant and up to date developmental, behavioral and academic information.
    • Outplacement

      • The Admission Office works collaboratively with Middle School Teachers, parents, and students in support of successful outplacement and matriculation to high school. Please contact the Admission Office to discuss high school application assistance.

    Admission FAQs

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    • Does my child need to be independent in the restroom?

      Children seeking admssion into our Toddler program do not need to be independent in the restroom. As part of the daily experience in the Toddler program, toilet training skills are focused on aiding the child's growing independence.

      Children seeking admission into our Primary progam must be consistently independent in the restroom. However, accidents do happen, and all Primary children keep extra changes of clothes in the classroom.






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