Mission Statement

Providing a learning environment where diversity of thought and global perspective empower students to be inquisitive, knowledgeable, independent, compassionate and effective.

Core Values at Springmont

  • Engaged Learning

    Our school culture of engaged learning is built upon an appreciation for the child’s sense of wonder, the trust to freely choose one’s work and accountability, all of which fuels creativity, curiosity and innovative thought.
    Students collaborate utilizing their social skills, sense of self and knowledge to become effective in life pursuits.
  • Stewardship of the Environment

    Understanding the complex relationship between people and the earth is important to the child’s knowledge of the environment. Through the integration of a natural world into classroom study, students become advocates for the world around them.

    Students are guided to develop an awareness of the natural world and each person’s responsibility for it.
  • Creativity

    Innovative thought, imagination and creative expression are encouraged through hands-on learning experiences in beautiful surroundings and rich social interaction all of which fuel enthusiastic learning.

    Students are guided to adapt creatively to a changing world and to prepare to have a positive impact on it.
  • Authenticity

    A true sense of character and self awareness is supported through open dialogue, conflict resolution and collaborative work. Through these experiences our learning environment encourages the development of the unique individual.

    Students are guided to value both knowledge and a sense of self in order to develop strength of purpose and conviction.
  • Gift of Time

    Investment in the time to repeat and explore leads to a depth and breadth of knowledge which will serve one’s whole life. The importance of mastery is balanced with the importance of progressing in stages.

    Students are guided to discover meaningful experiences with a depth of understanding that will ignite their imagination.
  • Global Awareness

    Knowledge is valued as the vehicle for creating a path to peace by developing awareness and care for the people and cultures of the world. Diversity of culture and thought is embraced and woven into the fabric of our school community.

    Our students are able to see beyond themselves and want to lead socially useful and purposeful lives.
  • Mutual Respect

    Respect for diverse perspectives and a proper regard for all people are fundamental to our school community. All stakeholders are empowered and act interdependently, working toward a common goal.

    Students pursue an appreciation of others and trust that they will be heard regardless of differences of opinion, person or learning style.








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